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An avid traveler and polyglot, Raluca likes to throw herself into various territories of the performing arts.

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Raluca is a Romanian born actress, director, and theatre trainer. Growing up in a small town in Romania, Raluca had her acting debut as Snow White in the famous fairytale by the same name. That was way back in…1st grade. The role proved to be very challenging, as she tried several methods to make the choking with the apple as believable as possible. However, she succeeded to go through with the performance and went on to enjoy other parts in school plays all through her childhood.

Years later she decided to do something about this acting thing, so she auditioned for a theatre university in Bucharest. After graduating, she landed her first part in an independent theater production, where she would play a bored housewife. Several other gigs followed, as Raluca took on pantomime and dance-theater and even underwent stunt training and thus went into the film business.

Moving to Germany in 2014, Raluca decided it’s time to do her own thing and started directing and producing. This new path brought her a clearer view of who she is and who she wants to be as a performing arts leader. It also proved to be very rewarding, so it fueled her with even more energy and creative ideas.
In 2019 Raluca graduated from a Devised Performance Program at Pig Iron Theatre School in Philadelphia, USA, and, in a sudden turn of events, left the US and is currently working out of Stuttgart, Germany, yet again.

Photo by John Hawthorne


Interview with RadioRomaniaCultural

Interview with RadioRomaniaCultural

This Sunday, on Radio Romania Cultural at 16:00 Romanian time, you can listen to an interview about my life as an international artist and growing up in Romania. The interview is only available in Romanian so far, so you'd better start learning the language as soon as...

Hey I just wrote a 10 minute play

Hey I just wrote a 10 minute play

It was the summer of 2021, I was working full time in a small theatre in Rottweil, Germany, and writing a 10 minute play during the night. Although I was exhausted, the process seemed to wash away the hard day's work. The piece was born out of a playwriting workshop...

Website launch

After a few years of procrastinating and a few months of actually getting my materials together for my website, I have finally managed to launch it, in such a crazy year as 2020 was. I am very thankful to my website designer, Frank Prendergas,t and his team at...


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